The Association is involved in various activities to foster and promote astronomical research in Canada. The Executive Director, the Chair of the Board and the Chair of the Institutional Council work together to ensure that the interests of the association are being represented.

ACURA is involved in the Coalition for Canadian Astronomy, a partnership consisting of CASCA, ACURA and industrial representatives that advocates for the long-term health of astronomy in Canada. An important role of the Coalition is the promotion of the Astronomy Long Range Plan, currently LRP2010. The highest ranked ground based project in the LRP2010 plan is the VLOT (currently the Thirty Meter Telescope).

A TMT Planning Committee has been struck to plan the advocacy for the TMT. This committee consists of Coalition members plus the Chair and one member of the CASCA LRP Implementation Committee (LRPIC). This has manged the following initiatives:

  • The development of promotional TMT material to support the TMT,
  • Facilitate the engagement of university authorities in their support for the TMT project,
  • Solicit and participate in meetings with Industry Canada, Treasury Board and the Prime Minister Office to discuss the TMT and related Big Science Issues,
  • Preparation and submit a pre-budget (2014) document to emphasize the economic benefits of the TMT and indicate the intent to submit a funding proposal for the 2015 Federal Budget.