The ACURA By-Laws provide as follows:

Membership in the Corporation shall be open and limited to Canadian universities which are degree-granting members of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada having a commitment to astronomical research and interested in furthering and assisting in the achievements of the objects of the Corporation.

There shall be a body of Member Representatives, to be known as the “Institutional Council”, which shall constitute a forum for the annual review of the activities of the Corporation, for policy direction, for policy approval and for other issues that the Member Representatives consider worthy of consideration.

Each Member Institution shall designate its Member Representative from among its senior administrative officers or its astronomical staff. Each Member Representative so appointed shall serve for a term of three (3) years. There is no limitation on the number of consecutive terms that a Member Representative may serve on the Institutional Council.

Member Representatives on the ACURA Institutional Council

No.Institutions Representatives End of term
1University of Alberta Gregory R. Sivakoff†, Professor 2022
2Athabasca University Martin Connors, Professor 2019
3Bishop’s University Lorne Nelson†, Chair, Physics 2020
4Brandon University Tyler Foster, Professor 2022
5University of British Columbia Aaron Boley 2022
6University of Calgary Robert Thompson*, Head, Physics & Astronomy 2022
7Université Laval Gilles Joncas**, Professor 2022
8University of Lethbridge Erasmus Okine*, VP Research 2022
9University of Manitoba Stefi Baum, Dean, Faculty of Science 2022
10McGill University Nick Cowan*, Associate Professor 2022
11McMaster University Christine Wilson, Professor 2022
12Université de Montréal René Doyon, Professor 2022
13Queen's University Stephane Courteau 2022
14Saint Mary's University Robert Thacker††, CRC 2022
15Trent University David Patton, Professor 2022
16University of Toronto Vivek Goel*, VP Research 2021
17University of Victoria Kim Venn*, CRC 2020
18University of Waterloo Charmaine Dean, VP Research 2020
19University of Western Ontario Stanimir Metchev, Professor 2022
20York University Patrick Hall, Professor 2019

Ex-officio, non-voting:

Executive Director Don Brooks 2020
Chair, Institutional Council Gilles Joncas 2020
Representative, Western U Stanimir Metchev 2020
Secretary Danica Kell 2020
Treasurer Pierre Bastien 2020
NRC NSI General Manager Luc Simard 2020
CASCA President Robert Thacker 2020
AACS Chair
LRPIC John Hutchings 2020
CATAC Chair Michael L. Balogh 2020
September, 2019

(*) Board of Management Member
(**) Institutional Council Chair
(‡) Board Chair
(+) Board Vice-Chair
(†) Nominating Committee member
(††) Nominating Committee Chair